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We have been in business since 1974

Highly rated and trusted your San Diego Electricians are certified, licensed electrical contractors in the State of California for over 40 years. Electrician San Diego is a San Diego electric company with electricians throughout the greater San Diego area. We value our customers by giving them the highest level of expertise, integrity, reliability, honesty and value. Our electricians keep up to date with the latest electric codes and electrical products. The vast majority of our electrical work in the San Diego community comes from referrals. That is why our electricians regard customer satisfaction as an integral part of our business.

Our electricians electrical experience Saves customers money.

Since we have been in business over 40 years our electricians have immense electrical experience. This experience benefits our San Diego customers by our ability to provide many electrical options to getting a job done. Our electrical knowledge and experienced electricians allow us to find electrical solutions fast when it comes to electrical problem solving. This in turn saves our customers time and money. Electrician San Diego uses the best electrical testing equipment with electricians that use the latest electrical practices and techniques to solve and repair any electrical problem you may have.

Electrician San Diego performs all types of electrical service.

Expert electricians in San Diego at house rewiring, installation of 240 volt appliance circuits, conversion of 240 volt appliance outlets to standard 120 volt outlets, installation of laundry outlets, repair of laundry outlets, installation of outlets for electric ranges, repair of electrical range outlets, wiring for electric ovens, wiring for electric ranges, wiring for microwaves, conversion of electrical outlets for electric ranges, installation of ceiling fans, replacement of ceiling fans, ceiling fan repair, troubleshooting tripping circuit breakers, replacement of faulty circuit breakers, repair of electrical code violations, door bell system repairs, electrical inspections, replacement of electrical outlets, installation of new electrical outlets, replacement of electrical panels, upgrade of electrical panels, replacement of main meter service panel, upgrade of main meter service panel, all types of electrical repairs, electrical troubleshooting, installation of EV (electrical vehicle) charging stations, repair of exhaust fans, replacement of exhaust fans, repair tripping GFCI outlets, replacement of GFCI outlets, installation of GFCI outlets, installation of new landscape lighting, repair of landscape lighting, retrofitting existing lighting with energy efficient lighting and lamps, installation of LED lamps, installation of LED lighting, replacement of lighting fixtures, installation of new lighting fixtures, installation of under cabinet lighting, installation of track lighting, installation of recessed lighting, repair of lighting fixtures, replacement of fluorescent light ballasts, lighting design, installation of occupancy sensors, replacement of occupancy sensors, installation of motion sensors, replacement of motion sensors, electrical wiring for remodels, installation of security lighting, replacement of security lighting, troubleshooting security lighting, installation of smoke detectors, replacement of smoke detectors, installation of CO alarms, replacement of CO alarms, electrical wiring to spas, electrical repairs to spas, installation of switches, replacement of switches, installation of dimmers, replacement of dimmers, installation of timers, replacement of timers, installation of photocells, replacement of photocells, installation of wall heaters, replacement of wall heaters, conversion of radiant ceiling heat to wall heaters, replacement of thermostats for radiant ceiling heat, replacement of thermostats for wall heaters, electrical wiring for hot water heaters, electrical wiring for tankless water heaters, tenant improvement and electrical maintenance.

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Home electrical inspections by our licensed electricians

For peace of mind and your safety have our certified electrician perform an electrical home inspection to make sure everything is electrically safe inside and outside your home. Some examples of electrical items we inspect are condition of electrical panels, condition of circuit breakers, proper sizing of circuit breakers, grounding of main electrical service, wiring to spa, wiring to pool equipment, wiring to ponds, exterior wiring, GFCI outlets and GFCI protected outlets where required, electrical connections to garbage disposals, garage wiring, attic wiring and installation of smoke detectors and CO detectors where required.

Call the Best San Diego Electricians to discuss your now. We strictly follow the current electrical codes that are presently adopted and implemented in the City of San Diego and surrounding areas:

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(BSC) “California Building Standards Commission”

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Check a contractors state license number:
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City of San Diego planning, development and permits:
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The Authority on fire, electrical & building safety:
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UL Standards are used to assess products:
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