24 hr. Emergency Electrical Service

Some of our electrical emergency services in the San Diego area:
  • Wiring
  • Circuit breakers
  • Switch repair
  • Electric panel repairs
  • Lighting repairs
  • Electrical outlet repairs

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Contact “Electricians San Diego” for 24 Hr. emergency electrical service. We are here in the San Diego area to help you fast. Most of the time we can have someone at your home within an hour. Quicker electrical service to correct electrical problems lessens the chance for more serious and
expensive corrective measures.

When we answer your call we will make a preliminary assessment of your emergency electrical service needs and give you possible solutions.
Thorough diagnosis can only be done when the technician arrives for your emergency electrical service in the San Diego Area. You will be provided
a solution that will get electrical problems or power restored as soon as possible.


Some examples of emergency electrical service calls:
Tripping circuit breakers
Burning smell from wall outlets, switch or light fixtures
Buzzing, popping, sizzling or crackling sound from outlets or light fixtures
Buzzing, popping, sizzling or crackling sound from circuit breakers
Power outage to the entire home
Power outages to areas of the home
Sparking outlets, switches or light fixtures
Loss of power to automatic garage openers
Loss of power to automatic gates
Smoke detectors in alarm mode
Electrical shocks from appliances, electrical devices or other
Fire from electrical outlet, light or appliance

“Electrician San Diego” has over 40 years of experience with emergency electrical service. Call us today for your San Diego emergency electrical service needs.