Timers & Photocells

Electrical installation and replacement of all types of electrical timers and photocells.
Troubleshooting and electrical repair to timer & photocell systems.

Our timer and photocell services:
Expert timer and photocell services. Timers and photocell controls provide flexibility for pre-set and automatic control of lighting, motors, appliances and other devices. Timers allow for setting of precise on and off cycles. Photocells switch items on at sunset and turns lights off at sunrise.

Examples for use of these devices:
  • Pool pump motor timers
  • Fountain or pond pump timers
  • Landscape lighting timers and photocell control
  • Exterior wall sconce lighting timers and photocell control
  • Column lighting timers and photocell control
  • Security lighting timers and photocell control

Types of timers and photocell controls:

In-wall Timers
  • Spring wound auto-off timers
  • Mechanical in-wall timers
  • Electronic in-wall timers
Mechanical Time Switches
  • 24-Hour
  • 7-Day
  • Astronomic
  • Specialty
Electronic Time Switches
  • 24-Hour 7-Day
  • 365 Day advanced energy controls

Wireless Time Switches

Enclosures and Accessories
  • Plastic indoor
  • Steel indoor
  • Steel indoor / outdoor
  • Plastic indoor / outdoor
  • Flushmount
Indoor Plugin Timers
  • Indoor plug-in timers
  • Outdoor plug-in timers
  • Appliance plug-in timers
Photocell Controls
  • lush plate mounted photocells
  • Swivel mounted photocells

We furnish the following manufactures timers and photocells:

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