EV Chargers

Complete installation of EV chargers including evaluation of electrical conditions
prior to installation of electrical wiring for EV charging stations.
    Our EV Charger service:
    • Evaluation of electrical conditions
    • Electric Vehicle chargers and charging stations installed
    • Circuit and power run to EV chargers and charging stations
    • Disconnection of power to EV chargers and charging stations

    EV chargers are also known as electric vehicle chargers. They generally are situated near the garage and driveway. Some chargers are rain tight and can be mounted on the exterior wall. Most commonly EV chargers are mounted in the interior of the garage. They require a dedicated circuit. Some cars charge faster when the

    EV charger has a larger circuit. Some chargers let you decide between what amperages you can feed them with. A 20-amp circuit will take more time than a 40-amp circuit would to charge a car. The installation guide must be followed carefully. The closer the EV charger is placed to the main electrical panel the less work it is to feed the EV charger. The electrical panel must be inspected to see if it needs upgrading to a higher capacity before work begins.

    “Electricians San Diego” will evaluate your electrical conditions and provide you with the best solutions for running power to your new EV charger. We have over 40 years as a licensed electrical contractor.

    Your trusted San Diego electricians!