Switches & Dimmers

Installation of new switches and dimmers. Replacement of switches and dimmers.
Electrical repairs of switches and dimmers!

services for switches and dimmers:
  • Installation of new switches
  • Installation of new dimmers
  • Replacement of switches for dimmers
  • Troubleshoot power not getting to a switch or dimmer
  • Electrical repairs to wiring to switches and dimmers
  • Replacement of dimmers for compatibility due to new lamps types

Basic switches and dimmers:
A switch is an electrical device that can break an electrical circuit and interrupt the current to that item it is controlling. For example a switch may control kitchen lighting, outdoor lighting, pond pump, exhaust fan etc. older style switches are called toggle style.

A dimmer is an electrical device that can act like a switch and completely break an electrical circuit or you can adjust light levels from very low to full lit. Older style dimmers have a rotary knob to control the light level.

Caution: Dimming a wall outlet can severely damage electronics, TV’s, vacuum cleaners, etc. that might get plugged in. Most items require a designed level of voltage. Decreasing the designed voltage by dimming is harmful and dangerous.

Beware: When changing lamp types from incandescent to fluorescent or LED you may need to replace your existing dimmer with a new dimmer compatible with the new lamp. Blinking or flickering of lighting can happen if a wrong dimmer is used.

Modern switches and dimmers:
There is a seemingly endless choice of dimmers and switches. They are commonly a rocker type, slider, or touch switch or dimmer. Traditional, Designer and Architectural are some of the names used to express styles by Lutron Electronics. Wireless switches work with a hand held remote. Smart switches and dimmers can be controlled either manually at the wall or by your cell phone. Occupancy sensor and vacancy automatically turn off lights when you enter or exit a room. Dimmers are very specific to the load they are controlling. For example: incandescent, fluorescent, magnetic low voltage, electronic low voltage and LED lighting requires a specific rated dimmer. Wrong dimmers can result in undesired results. Lights can blink or flicker, transformers can be damaged etc.

Advanced Sophisticated Architectural lighting control:
Lutron Electronics Inc. produces a switching/dimming control called “Garfik Eye”. This allows control of the lights in multiple settings with numerous preset scenes. Scenes can be changed from small single keypad wall stations. “HomeWorks” uses the same principal but is whole house based. This system can be integrated with the home’s lighting, shades, security and audiovisual systems.

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