GFCI Outlets

We install GFCI outlets, troubleshoot tripping GFCI outlets and replace GFCI outlets!

Our GFCI outlet / receptacle services:
  • Determine the cause for GFCI tripping
  • Replacement of worn old GFCI outlets
  • Replacement of GFCI circuit breakers
  • Installation of new GFCI outlets where required
  • Installation and replacement of weather proof GFCI covers

We use the following GFCI device manufactures:

A GFCI outlet is different from your normal conventional receptacles. If a GFCI outlet recognizes a ground fault it will trip and prevent the flow of electricity to prevent serious injury. The GFCI receptacle itself is protected and may protect other receptacles depending on how it is wired. A GFCI does not protect against circuit overloads or shocks. A ground fault is when electricity is not following its normal safe path. For example a defective appliance can cause a ground fault, a persons body could cause a ground fault if electricity passes through his body to reach ground.

A GFCI works by measuring the current leaving one side of a power source (the so-called “live” or “hot wire”), and comparing it to current returning on the other (the “neutral” side). If they are not equal, then some of the current must be leaking in an unwanted way, and the GFCI shuts the power off. After the problem is fixed, the device must be reset by pushing the reset button. If it is not fixed, the GFCI will keep shutting off. Note: power to the circuit must be restored at the circuit breaker if it is off before the reset button can be pushed in. There is a test button next to the reset button, which shows that the GFCI works properly. It should be tested at least once a month.

Some areas where GFCI protected outlets are required by code for safety: Kitchens, bathrooms, garage, porch, laundry rooms, exterior walls of the house, outdoors, near sinks, swimming pool lighting, hot tubs, spas, whirlpool baths.

Troubleshooting GFCI outlets can prove to be difficult for a homeowner. Have the certified trained experienced experts at “Electrician San Diego” do this for you. You will save time and money and you will be sure the job was done right for you and the safety of others. We are your trusted electricians in San Diego.