Exhaust Fans

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    Our exhaust fan services:
    • Installation of new exhaust fans
    • Diagnosing noisy or non-working exhaust fans
    • Repair and replacement of exhaust fans
    • Repair and replacement of exhaust fan parts
    • Installation of attic fans
    • Installation of whole house fans

    An exhaust fan is a device used to draw unwanted air out of a room or area to the outside.

    Bath Exhaust fans:
    Bath exhaust fans are required where operable windows of the appropriate size do not exist. Minimum air exchange should be one air exchange every 5 minutes. For example if your bathroom is 250 cubic feet you would at least need a 50 CFM exhaust fan. Many times exhaust fans can become noisy or cease to work. Owners should be aware that replacement of interior parts to most exhaust fans is still available. This can be much more cost effective that replacing the entire exhaust fan. If you are looking for a quieter or more powerful exhaust fan an entire replacement will be required. In addition the more powerful exhaust fans require a larger than 3″ duct. Some exhaust fans are humidity sensing.

    Examples of various types of bath exhaust fans:
    • Exhaust fan only
    • Exhaust fan that is humidity sensing
    • Exhaust fan with light
    • Exhaust fan with heater
    • Exhaust fan with light and heater
    • Exhaust fan with light heater and night-light
    • Inline exhausts fans are mounted in the attic are noiseless in the room and have a small grill over the opening in the ceiling. This exhaust fan solution is architecturally attractive
    Attic fans:
    • Attic fans are intended to cool hot attics by pushing hot air to the outside. By keeping your attic cooler in the summer your air conditioner will not have to work as much.
    Whole house fans:
    • Whole house exhaust fans are installed in the attic of a home. When outside temperatures are cooler you would open the homes windows and turn on the fan. The cooler outside air flows through the home. This cools off the living space and the attic space at the same time.

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