Landscape Lighting

Our landscape lighting services include new landscape lighting installations,
landscape lighting repairs, landscape lighting upgrades and lighting design!

Our landscape lighting services:
  • Landscape lighting Repairs
  • Landscape lighting upgrades and add-ons
  • Landscape lighting design and consultation
  • Complete new landscape lighting and control
  • Standard voltage Landscape Lighting
  • Low Voltage Landscape Lighting
  • LED landscape lighting

We use the following Landscape Lighting manufacturers:

“Electrician San Diego” offers broad landscape lighting services. Landscape lighting or garden lighting refers to illumination of gardens, and private and public landscapes. Landscape lighting can enhance architectural features of a home or building, provide safety, accessibility, security and overall aesthetics.

Have problems with your existing landscape lighting?
The Landscape lighting experts at “Electricians San Diego” will make your repairs fast. We have over 30 years of landscape lighting experience. We will replace or correct your exterior GFCI outlets that may be tripping causing your landscape transformers not to function. We can test your underground low voltage landscape lighting cable and replace it where necessary. We can also repair or replace your high voltage conduit runs, lamp sockets, lamps, poor under ground splice connections, etc.

Want to add onto and existing landscape lighting system or relocate landscape lights for a better effect, we can do that for you. If you need a completely new landscape lighting job we can offer several choices to fit your needs best.

We have been landscape lighting consultants and designers for decades. If you are a sophisticated client wanting the ultimate landscape lighting creation or you just in need of a fixture or lamp replaced call your trusted electricians serving San Diego now.