Spa Electrical Installation

Electrical wiring to new spas, electrical repairs to spas, repair
and replacement of tripping GFCI spa circuit breakers!

Our spa services:
  • Installation of wiring to new spa or hot tub
  • Troubleshooting electrical wiring to spa or hot tub
  • Electrical repairs of electrical system to point of spa
  • Electrical evaluation of your current system

Our spa electrical installation services:
Evaluate main electrical service for capacity to add new spa load. Discuss options with owner as to methods and ways power can be run to spa.
Install new circuit at main panel, size wiring correctly for voltage drop, install safety GFCI disconnect near spa, run final wiring from disconnect to spa. One 15A or 20A, 125V receptacle must be located not less than 6 ft. and not more than 20 ft. from the inside walls of a permanently installed spa. We will install this also if one is not present.

Spa electrical service and repair:
  • Troubleshoot power not getting to an existing spa
  • Troubleshoot GFCI spa circuit breaker tripping
  • Repair damaged wire, conduit or loose connections between main circuit breaker and spa

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