Wall Heaters

Electrical installation, replacement and repair to all types of electric heaters and thermostats.
Radiant ceiling heat conversions to electric wall heaters!

Our wall heater services:
  • Installation of new electric wall heaters
  • Kick-space heaters (toe heaters)
  • installation of Electric baseboard heaters
  • Troubleshooting electrical heaters
  • Replacement of electric wall heaters
  • Replacement of wall heater thermostats
  • Converting radiant ceiling heat systems to wall heaters
  • Radiant bath floor heating

Wall heaters are found on the wall in living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. They are usually fan forced, older models of heaters may not be fan forced. Baseboard heaters are not fan forced. They come in various lengths and attach to the wall near the floor. There are standard models and hydronic baseboard wall heaters that are fluid filled. The standard units provide convection heat. Hydronic wall heaters are fluid filled have longer heat retention, greater energy savings with minimal temperature variation. Some units have built on thermostats and some wall heaters have separate wall mounted thermostats.

We repair, replace and install wall heaters, baseboard heaters, ceiling bath heaters and thermostats for these type heaters. Customers with older homes that have radiant heating with damaged heating cable embedded in plaster ceilings often choose to replace the system with wall heaters. The existing power to the local thermostat can be utilized most of the time.

We proudly furnish heaters from the following Mfg.’s:
Cadet wall heaters and Baseboard heaters
Nutone/Broan wall heaters and bath ceiling heaters

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