Circuit Breakers

Our circuit breaker services:
  • Troubleshoot and correct wiring conditions causing circuit breakers to trip
  • Replacement of faulty and weak circuit breakers
  • Installation of new circuit breakers for new circuits and appliances
  • Installation and replacement of GFCI circuit breakers
  • Installation and replacement of Arc fault circuit breakers

A circuit breaker is a switch that automatically interrupts electrical flow in a circuit in case of an overload or short. They are essential safety devices that protect your home or buildings wiring, appliances, lighting or electronics that may be plugged into an outlet. Circuit breakers must be rated at the proper amperage for the gauge wire and the load it is protecting. Incorrect sizing of circuit breakers can be dangerous and can cause wiring to overheat and start fires. Circuit breakers can trip from a number of causes. Over loading circuit breakers beyond their rating, a short in a wire, loose connections or an appliance that is defective can be some of the reasons for a circuit breaker to trip.

A certified electrician should evaluate tripping circuit breakers immediately. Prolonging electrical evaluation could cause additional electrical repairs and expense to be had.

Call “Electrician San Diego” for evaluation by an electrical expert today. Our trucks are stocked with most circuit breakers required for most repairs.

We furnish circuit breakers or replacement circuit breakers by the following manufacturers:
Cuttler Hammer
Grouse Hinds (obsolete-contact for further information)
Square D
Federal Pacific (obsolete-contact for further information)
Challenger (obsolete-contact for further information)
Westinghouse (obsolete-contact for further information)
Zinsco (obsolete-contact for further information)
Connecticut Electric
Push Matic
Bull Dog

Call “Electrician San Diego” with your circuit breaker concerns and needs. With over 40 years experience and knowledge of circuit breakers we can evaluate and find solutions for you.