Electrical Outlets

electrical outlets

Our electrical outlet services include:
  • Installation of new electrical outlets
  • Replacement of worn or loose electrical outlets
  • Replacement of older style outlets to more modern style outlets
  • Installation of electrical outlets for specific appliances or items
  • Relocation of electrical outlets

Manufacturer of electrical receptacles and outlets we use:

Other common names for electrical outlets are, receptacle, wall plugs, wall socket, power point, plug socket and outlet. Older homes with no ground have two vertical slots. New grounded wall plugs have two vertical slots and one round slot below for grounding. Wall outlets should be polarized correctly.

Correct polarization is as follows: With the wall plug installed so the round grounding hole is below the two slots the vertical slots would be as follows: Left one would be the neutral or white wire and the smaller vertical slot on the right would be the hot, live wire. Usually black.

When electrical outlets get old and have had a lot of use the slots can open up and not allow for a tight fit when the cord is plugged into it. This can cause a loss of power to any appliance that is plugged into it. Appliance cord can fall out.

The remedy is to replace your existing worn loose electrical outlets with new outlets. Burn marks around the electrical outlet could indicate many things and should be diagnosed by our certified electricians. Arcing from loose wiring behind the electrical receptacle could be a fire hazard.

The standard outlet in the electrical trade is called a duplex outlet because it is one device with two points to plug something into. The older style electrical outlets are called standard duplex outlets. The newer style that is rectangular in shape with two screws on the cover plate is called a Decora style. Many people feel replacing the old style electrical outlet with the Decora outlet is architecturally attractive.

“Electrician San Diego” has over 40 years experience as a Licensed Electrical Contractor. Call your certified electrician in San Diego to evaluate and replace your worn or faulty electrical outlets today.