Code Violations

We perform electrical inspections to discover code violations and we make electrical repairs to correct code violations.

Examples of a few common code violations we find:
  • Incorrect circuit breaker size for wire size
  • Exposed romex wiring where subject to damage
  • Junction boxes missing covers
  • GFCI outlets where required are missing
  • Exterior receptacles with wrong type weather proof covers
  • Exposed electrical splices
  • Extension cords
  • Pool light without GFCI protection
  • PVC conduit run on the surface of the ground
  • Knock outs missing on electrical panel covers

Code violations pertains to wiring that is not to code as per the NEC and any additional requirements by local jurisdictions.

Please read the following:
The National Electrical Code “NEC” is the national standard for the safe installation of electrical wiring and equipment in the United States. States and municipalities typically adopt it in an effort to standardize safe electrical practices. Usually all municipalities follow the NEC as minimal requirements. However many States and municipalities can adopt more stringent requirements and codes. These codes evolve over time as understanding and experience grow and technology develops to keep property and human lives even safer. The NEC is part of the National Fire Codes series published by the National Fire Protection Association “NFPA”.

Code violations usually are brought up during a home inspection. A home inspector will notice violations and notify the buyer as to the violations. The buyer will many times want the opinion of an electrical expert. Sometimes buyers wait until they have purchased the house to make corrections to code violations. Often a prospective buyer asks the seller to correct the code violations prior to closing of escrow.

We work with homebuyers prior to the listing of their home to correct code violations or during escrow to make any corrections to code violations found and requested to be corrected. We also work with the new buyer after they have closed escrow to correct code violations.

With over 40 years electrical experience we know how to best work with both the home seller or the homebuyer.

Call “Electrician San Diego” with any concerns you may have at any time regarding your electrical wiring and we will promptly give you an evaluation and inspection in San Diego Fast.