Smoke Alarms & CO Alarms

Smoke alarms and (CO) carbon monoxide alarms installed and replaced.
Fast repair of your beeping and chirping smoke alarms. Will stop the alarm noise fast!

Our smoke alarm services:
  • Installation of new smoke alarms and CO alarms
  • Replacement of old outdated smoke alarms
  • Stop chirping and beeping smoke alarms

Don’t remove chirping, beeping or smoke alarms making noise! Call us first.

We furnish and install the following types of smoke alarms and CO alarms:
10-Year Battery Powered – Smoke Alarms
10-Year Battery Powered – CO Alarms
10-Year Battery Powered combination Smoke Alarm and CO Alarm device
Hardwired AC Operated – Smoke Alarms With 10 Year battery back up and interconnect

We furnish the following manufactures smoke and CO alarms:

Smoke alarms save lives. If there is a fire in your house smoke spreads fast, and the use of smoke alarms gives you the time to get out. Per the NFPA working smoke detectors cuts the chances of dying in half in reported fires. Almost two-thirds of home fire deaths resulted in homes with no alarms or no working alarms.

Smoke alarms should be installed in every bedroom, outside each sleeping area and on every level of your home.

CO (carbon monoxide) is known as the silent killer.
The CDC estimates that more than 400 people loose their lives each year due to carbon monoxide poisoning. It is considered the leading cause of poisoning. Its presence is not known until symptoms of the exposure are experienced. It is odorless, tasteless, colorless and a very dangerous gas. It is a by-product from the incomplete burning of carbon containing fuels which natural gas is one.

CO alarms (carbon monoxide alarms) must be installed outside each separate sleeping area in the immediate vicinity and on every level of the home.

Note: Combination smoke and CO alarms can be used to satisfy both smoke and Carbon monoxide alarm requirements.

Please read the California State Fire Marshal information Bulletin:
California State Fire Marshal Information Bulletin 13-006
Update New Requirement for Smoke Alarm Listings

Many homeowners are not aware that their smoke alarms are out of date or need battery replacements at a minimum.

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