Electrical Panels

Our service for electrical panels include:
  • Installation of new electrical panels & electrical service meter panels
  • Inspections of electrical panels & electrical service meter panels
  • Replacement of electrical panels & electrical service meter panels
  • Upgrading the capacity of electrical panels & main service meter panels
  • Scheduling service planners from SDG&E utility company
  • Grounding of electrical panels
  • Maintenance of electrical panels including periodic tightening of connections

Also described as panel boards, breaker panels and Main electrical panels. Today’s electrical panels have mostly replaced what was known as fuse boxes. Modern electrical panels contain resettable circuit breakers whereas fuse boxes contained fuses when blown had to be replaced. Main electrical panels usually reference panels that have a main circuit breaker, sub distribution and a meter socket all in one metal panel enclosure. Circuit breakers protect electricity being fed to various circuits throughout your home or office.

Tools are not required to reset a circuit breaker but to replace a circuit breaker within an electrical panel would require the use of a screwdriver. It is very dangerous for an unskilled person to remove this panel cover. Risking your life is not worth it. Electrical panels and Main electrical services need to be replaced due to age, corrosion, faulty buss bars and lack of spaces for additional circuits. Many times electrical panels have to be upgraded to electrical panels that have more ampacity. Having increased ampacity will allow for new loads and increased load requirements.

Examples of items that may require electrical panel upgrading:
EV (electric vehicle) charging station
Air Conditioner
Kitchen appliances
House or office expansion
Spa or hot Tub
Sauna or steam unit
Swimming pool

Manufacturers of electrical panels we use:
Cuttler-Hammer (Eaton)
Square D

“Electrician San Diego” has qualified electricians that can evaluate your electrical panels and main electrical service in San Diego, as to its condition and capacity. Call an expert today that has been a licensed electrician for over 40 years.