Lighting Design

Our services include Interior lighting design, landscape lighting design, Informing clients
on lighting characteristics and lighting design characteristics.

Our Lighting design services:
  • Interior lighting design: One room or a complete home lighting design.
  • Landscape lighting design: Small garden lighting design to complete exterior landscape lighting design.

Our mission is to inform clients so they are more knowledgeable about lighting characteristics and lighting design. We like informed clients that can put share their input into a lighting design process if they so choose. With over 30 years experience in the lighting design process it is certain we can help you become informed and reach your lighting goals quickly and smoothly.

Basic types of lighting in a home:
  • Ambient lighting (general lighting)
  • Task lighting (helps perform tasks)
  • Accent lighting (adds drama)
Basic types of lamp sources:
  • LED Energy efficient lighting design
  • Low Voltage halogen lighting design
  • Standard incandescent lighting design
  • Fluorescent use with lighting design
Basic types of lighting fixtures:
  • Linear lighting fixtures
  • Recessed lighting
  • Track lighting
  • Pendant lighting fixtures
  • Chandeliers
  • Ceiling
  • Wall sconces
  • Desk, floor and table lights
Basic types of lighting controls:

Interior lighting design:
We will consult with you and your interior designer on the options and best design practices for your lighting design goals. Scope of projects range from lighting a new piece of art, lighting a particular space in your home or lighting the entire house. We also re-lamp and focus your existing lighting to best accentuate your furnishings, art and interior architecture.

Re-lamping can also be done for the purpose of greater energy efficiency. Our goal is to inform clients as to what lighting design affects are most desirable for the application we would be addressing. We would also inform them of the construction aspects that would be required to implement installation of the proposed lighting and lighting control.

Our Lighting design is applied in these areas of the home:
  • Entry foyer lighting
  • Living room lighting
  • Great room lighting
  • Family room lighting
  • Home theater
  • Dinning room lighting
  • Kitchen lighting
  • Butler’s pantry lighting
  • Laundry room lighting
  • Office lighting
  • Guest bedroom lighting
  • Guest bath lighting
  • Guest closet lighting
  • Master bedroom lighting
  • Sitting room lighting
  • Master bath lighting
  • Master closet lighting
  • Garage lighting

Exterior Landscape lighting design:
Consultation for your landscape lighting design goals. Our lighting design services range from improving your existing exterior lighting system to designing an entirely new landscape lighting system for your entire exterior grounds. Our goal is to inform clients as to what lighting design affects is most desirable for the application addressed. We will inform you of the construction aspects that would be required to implement lighting installation of the proposed lighting and lighting control design.

Exterior lighting design encompasses the following:
  • Wall sconces for architectural enhancement, safety and general illumination
  • Step lights for architectural enhancement and safety
  • Path lights for safety and landscape enhancement
  • Accent lighting for adding beauty and safety
  • Spot lighting for highlighting architectural features and adding drama to shrubs and trees

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