Electrical Inspections

We are your qualified experienced certified licensed electrical company in San Diego to make your electrical inspections.

Look no further we are your best source for electrical inspections. With over 40 years as a California licensed electrical contractor our opinions on electrical conditions are highly reviewed and regarded in San Diego. Our judgement is based on decades of experience.

Examples of items we may look at for a electrical inspection report:
  • Main electrical service properly sized for load
  • Visible main electrical service ground
  • Correct amperage of circuit breakers for wire sizes attached to breakers
  • Smoke alarms and CO alarms located per current codes
  • GFCI protection on items and locations requiring this protection
  • Proper wiring methods where exposed wiring methods are easily visible
  • Use of aluminum conductors
  • Location of electrical panels and proper clearance around the panels
  • Visible grounding connections of pool and spa equipment
  • Wiring within exposed areas of garage
  • Exterior visible wiring on structures and yard area
  • Wiring in garage
  • Spa and hot tub electrical inspections
  • Electrical inspections of water features

Call to enquire about full details on inspections. Electrical inspections can be tailored for the client’s specific need.