Electrical Repairs

Our electrical repair services:

Interior electrical repairs:
  • Electrical troubleshooting
  • Fix cause of tripping or shorting circuit breakers
  • Occupancy sensor switches replaced
  • In-wall timers reset or replaced
  • Power restored to dead outlets
  • Power restored to dead appliances
  • Smoke detectors replaced
  • Exhaust fans repaired
  • Wall heaters repaired
  • Ceiling fans repaired
  • Light fixtures repaired
  • Switches replaced
  • Receptacles replaced
  • Tripped GFCI outlets repaired
  • Fluorescent ballasts replaced
  • Low voltage halogen recessed lights repaired
  • Low voltage halogen sockets replaced
  • Restore loss of power
  • Doorbell systems repaired
  • Jacuzzi whirlpool bath electrical repairs
  • Track lighting repaired
  • Broken lamps in light sockets removed
  • Electrical repairs to wiring feeding kitchen appliances
  • Junction boxes missing cover plates fixed
  • Flickering lights repaired
Exterior electrical repairs:
  • Cause of tripping or shorting circuit breakers repaired
  • Replacement of worn and weak circuit breakers
  • Replacement of corroded electrical panels
  • Replacement of electrical panels in poor condition
  • Exterior outlets and receptacles repaired and replaced
  • Exterior weatherproof junction boxes replaced
  • Shorting out wires in under ground conduit repaired
  • Pool time clocks repaired and replaced
  • Exterior GFCI outlets replaced
  • Replace fuses for Air Conditioning units
  • Replace exterior wall lights
  • Replace exterior floodlights
  • Replace exterior security lights
  • Replace exterior motion detectors
  • Repair loss of power to electric gates
  • Replace photocells
  • Repair garden and landscape lighting fixtures
  • Repair underground wiring to landscape lighting

Contact “Electrician San Diego” today for any electrical repair service you need. With over 40 years in the electrical business, we are the ones you can trust to get the repairs done right the first time with minimal expense.